Protection Planning

Planning for protecting your assets is a vital element of wealth management that can really make a difference in you and your family’s future.

Protect Assets For The Unforeseen

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and protecting your assets in the event of your death or being diagnosed with a critical illness is something that you can plan for. Each individual client’s protection requirements are tailored to best suit their needs.

At BCM Wealth Management, our clients’ interests are at the heart of our values and we want to provide you with expert guidance and a solid strategy when it comes to financial protection needs. With a variety of protection and insurance solutions, we can ensure that you are covered for every eventuality should the worst happen.

Safeguarding Your Future

We have identified the key areas where most people are most financially vulnerable and built out services around these needs.

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Life Cover Insurance

If the worst should happen to you, we will help to ensure that your loved ones don’t suffer financially.

Cover For Critical Illness

In the event of being diagnosed with a critical illness, we will help to make sure that you can continue to be financially stable and support your loved ones in continuing to live life in the most comfortable way.

Income Protection

Should you fall ill, are unable to work, or lose your job, we can help to implement an appropriate Income Protection policy to safeguard your salary.

Employee Benefits

If you are an employer looking to find the right employee benefits, we can help to find the best solution for your business.

Private Medical Insurance

We can arrange access to a private medical professional, as and when you may need them. Waiting for critical medical attention from state-funded doctors can waste time you might not have.

Later Life Planning

Make your later years as comfortable as possible now, by preparing early with the help of the team at BCM Wealth Management.

Putting strategies in place to get you through the rough patches will help you and your family to feel more secure in your daily life. At BCM Wealth Management, we want to support you through every step of the protection planning process, and work with you to achieve a tailored protection plan.

We offer a plan review service, where we can look at your existing policies and see where there could be room for improvement, be it a lower monthly cost or a wider range of protection, or both. We will discuss with you alternative, more suitable insurance solutions that will provide enhanced protection and support for you and your loved ones when you need it most.

Pop into our Stamford office on Ironmonger Street or give us a call on 01780 437 500 and speak to one of our friendly team for more information on protection planning.